POE Foundation Helps Byng Junior High

In late December 2021, a fire occurred at Byng Junior High School where it was contained to one classroom in the 8th grade hallway. Through its disaster relief fund, the Professional Oklahoma Educator’s Foundation provided a check to help replace teacher’s personal school supplies. The local POE chapter used that money to purchase gift cards from Staples to present to teachers. We are thankful to those who donated to POE’s Foundation disaster fund through the “Heart Times” campaign. Your donations help provide much needed funds to teachers following a tornado, fire or flood in Oklahoma.

Fire at Byng Junior High School
Teachers at Byng Junior High are presented with Staples gift cards by the POE Foundation to replace personal teaching supplies lost in the December 2021 fire.

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  1. Thank you POE Foundation for such a wonderful gift during such a difficult time for some of our educators!

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