Heart Times Fundraising Campaign

In the spirit of Valentine’s, POE is launching its “Heart Times” campaign that allows teachers and businesses to donate to the POE Foundation. When disaster strikes, it no doubt brings hard times. But through “Heart Times,” the POE Foundation Disaster Fund can provide much needed funds to teachers following a tornado, fire or flood in Oklahoma to help replace teaching supplies.

“Educators, more than any other profession, are known for their caring hearts,” said Ginger Tinney, POE executive director. “Heart Times provides an opportunity to give before a disaster happens and in Oklahoma, we know all too well that storm season can strike at any time. We’ll replace much needed personal teaching supplies, provide renewed hope and reassure educators that POE is there to help. The disaster fund helps a teacher, whether they are or are not a member of POE.”

The POE Foundation presented a $500 check from its disaster relief fund to Byng POE Chapter President Becky Henderson and Byng Chapter Founder Darryl Hatcher (right) to help teachers replace supplies they lost in a recent school fire. POE Region 5 REP Don Gordoni presented the check on behalf of the foundation. Read more online.

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