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What is Professional Oklahoma Educators (POE)?
Professional Oklahoma Educators is a non-union, nonpartisan professional association for all public and private school personnel. POE is the fastest-growing education organization in Oklahoma. Join now.

Who should join POE?
Anyone who works in any school in Oklahoma needs to be a member of POE. POE membership benefits include the most professional liability insurance coverage for the lowest cost, employment protection coverage, and the largest in-house legal staff to assist members with all job-related needs. We focus our efforts and resources in Oklahoma by not serving outside interests, such as national affiliations or political candidates/groups. We believe you’ll find POE membership to be an incomparable source of support at all stages of your career.

How much does POE membership cost?

Administrator   $423
Professional (Certified)   $315
Support Staff (Non-certified)   $192
First Year Teacher   $215
Retired Educator   $30
Student/Education Major   $20

How are POE’s dues more cost-effective than other associations’ dues?
POE is not affiliated with nor does it financially support any national organizations, therefore all of your POE dues will stay in Oklahoma helping Oklahoma education. POE members are not bound to funding multiple levels of a unified organizational structure, and as a result, we are able to provide many services more economically. Also, for only a portion of the cost, POE members receive the most liability protection, and have direct access to licensed attorneys with any job-related legal issues.

How do I know if my job qualifies me for POE membership?
POE invites anyone who has an interest in public education to join, including educators, administrators, paraprofessionals, retired educators and college students. However, only five membership categories – professional, first-year teacher, administrator, support staff and student member – are eligible for the professional liability insurance coverage, employment protection and assistance from staff attorneys.

Am I eligible for a 1st-year Teacher membership?
You are eligible for a first-year teacher membership if it is your first year to ever teach. First-year Teacher members enjoy all of the benefits and services offered by POE at a DISCOUNTED cost of $215.00 for your first year of membership.

What are local chapter dues?
Established local chapters of POE may set and collect local chapter dues in addition to state dues. Local chapter dues may cover the cost of local chapter activities, fund community service projects, and help your local chapter send members to the annual POE Leadership Training Conference. Local chapter dues vary, so ask your local chapter president if you are unsure of your local chapter dues amount.

How is POE different from other educators’ organizations?

  • The Oklahoma Education Association is affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA). OEA supports a labor union philosophy and supports exclusive consultation and collective bargaining. OEA/NEA dues can climb in excess of $460 per year. Compare for yourself: POE-OEA Comparison Sheet
  • Oklahoma City AFT is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and AFL-CIO. OKC AFT is concentrated in the Oklahoma City Public Schools district only. OKC AFT is the bargaining unit for OKCPS, and the organization supports union-style exclusive consultation arrangements. OKC AFT’s annual dues can exceed $600. Compare for yourself: POE-AFT Comparison Sheet

How is POE different from a union?
POE is classified as a 501(c)(6) professional association. POE does NOT give money to any political candidates, ballot initiatives, PACs, or other political groups. This protects our members from financially supporting issues with which they may not agree. Also, POE does NOT lobby on any non-education issues or tell its members how to vote in any election. POE does NOT participate in collective bargaining. Rather, we use the Collaborative Communication Model that fosters strong relationships between teachers, administrators, school boards, and parents while maintaining a focus on students.

Does POE only represent teachers?
No. POE membership is also available to support personnel, administrators, education students, and retired educators.

I am a retired educator. Why should I join RPOE?
RPOE provides an afforable way for retired educators to stay in touch with their profession and support the efforts of current educators at only $30/year. POE lobbies on issues of concern for retired educators and provides representation at Oklahoma retirement and insurance meetings. RPOE members receive monthly newsletters, weekly legislative updates during session and may participate in POE events such as the School Finance Workshop.

How do I become a member of POE?
It’s easy! Sign up online or call our office at 405.701.5990 or toll-free at 888.331.2763.

When is coverage effective?
Coverage begins on August 1, or your membership application date, and expires on July 31.


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