COVID-19 Vaccine and Distribution Plan Surveys – Results

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA – With a COVID-19 vaccine approved by the FDA and being distributed nationwide, Professional Oklahoma Educators (POE) surveyed its members regarding taking the vaccine and the state’s vaccine distribution plan.
 The survey garnered 1,770 responses from the organization’s statewide membership.

“Based on the results from our survey, the views of our members are mixed on taking the vaccine,” said Ginger Tinney, executive director of POE. “Their views on the vaccine, however, seem consistent with the views of many Americans indicated by national polling.”

Forty-two percent of respondents to the POE survey said no, they would not volunteer to get vaccinated against COVID-19, while 28% said yes and 26% said they were undecided.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized on Dec. 11 the emergency use of a COVID-19 vaccine for individuals 16 years of age and older. This emergency use authorization allows the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to be distributed in the United States.

The Pew Research Center conducted a study in late November where about four-in-ten (39%) Americans said they definitely or probably would not get a coronavirus vaccine, though about half of this group – 18% of U.S. adults – say it is possible they would decide to get vaccinated once other people start being vaccinated and more information is available. The Pew Research Center study was conducted Nov. 18-29.

In a separate POE survey of 810 members, Oklahoma educators were asked if they support Oklahoma’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan. A majority, 47%, said they are undecided about the plan and 30% said they support the plan; 22% of respondents indicated they do not support the current plan.

“These results indicate opinions are still forming about the vaccine and distribution plan,” Tinney said.

Members were asked to rank in order of priority where they believe teachers, students, residents and administrative staff in educational settings should rank. Based on the responses, teachers would have moved themselves from Phase 3 into Phase 2 of the distribution plan, two spots above their current ranking.

“We understand the great difficulty in allocating a limited number of COVID-19 vaccines,” Tinney said. “We believe with the strong push to resume in school instructions across the state, school personnel — especially those with additional risk factors — should be a made a priority.”

You can access summary data of the surveys here:


Editor’s Note: Due to rounding and respondents opting to comment, percentages may not add up to 100 percent.

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