Learning Communities and Connections

By: Sheri Bennett, Director of Professional Learning

Professional Learning of 2020 has been mostly about how to slow the spread of COVID-19 while trying to balance the rate of learning for our students. From face to face instruction to virtual classrooms, educators have had to be able to “go with the flow” more than ever before and be prepared to NOT be prepared for the next quarantine or exposure that might be right around the corner. Learning communities and teacher-student connections have been challenged like never before.

For the Professional Learning department at POE, it has been a time to reach out and build  relationships with our membership that is authentic, real and practical so that there is a high level of comfort in requesting Professional Learning. I have designed Teachable Tuesdays to achieve the goal of small bites of learning that will produce BIG heart changes in your students.

The Professional Learning Department has a Growth Mindset that encompasses learning for everyone, including myself! Starting Teachable Tuesdays – what a learning curve all of this filming, scripting, editing, lighting etc has been for me! My HOPE is to encourage teachers that none of us have all of the answers but we are all lifelong learners and when we collaborate, connect and work together (AND TEACH our STUDENTS to do the same) we are smarter and stronger than we are as one individual.  Spending two years as an administrator, I learned so many valuable lessons about teachers who were able to connect this way with their students and I learned that connection with our students motivates them to learn! 

As we move forward into 2021, expect to see many lessons on how to connect with your students and motivate them to become the very best they can be! 

As always, please reach out with ANY Professional Learning requests you have!


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