Grove Elementary Financial Secretary Wins Merit Award

Glenda Longacre, the financial secretary at Grove Elementary was named the Non-Certified/Support Professional Merit Award winner. The honor was presented by the Professional Oklahoma Educators (POE) Foundation.

Ms. Longacre was one of 36 educators, support professionals and administrators who were honored as finalists for the Excellence in Education Merit and Character Awards by the POE Foundation at its annual banquet in April.

The POE Foundation looks for how extensive and how creatively character is taught in every aspect from direct teaching, to decorations, to public recognition of students for their outstanding character.

Mrs. Longacre has served as the financial secretary at Grove for five years. Prior to her service at Grove, Longacre was the business manager at Frederick Public School for 18 years.

“Her knowledge, skills, experience, and impeccable character place her at the top of her profession,” said Superintendent Mark Bowlan. “We are extremely fortunate to have someone of Ms. Longacre’s caliber here at Grove School.”

As a Merit Award winner, Mrs. Longacre received a check for $500, a free POE membership and a commendation from Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell.

The Excellence in Education Awards Banquet recognizes and rewards Oklahoma educators who demonstrate a commitment to their students in teaching strength of character and excellence in the school or classroom. Award nominees must go through a rigorous application and evaluation process.

According to POE Foundation Executive Director Ginger Tinney, “These awards serve as an encouragement to not only Oklahoma educators, but also to the many businesses, organizations, and communities that have a stake in the character building and intellectual development of the children who will shape our state in the future.”

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