Core Values

These six (6) core values guide the work and mission of POE:

Education is about children first.
Outstanding educators place the needs of students above their own. This means that we take a stand on important issues without impairing the learning process by leaving the classrooms in protest. Educators must be in the classroom drawing out the potential of their students in order to achieve the Professional Oklahoma Educators’ mission of advancing Oklahoma education through integrity, professionalism, and excellence.

Educators have the right to make an informed choice.
Professional Oklahoma Educators believes that educators should have access to all options so they are empowered to make the best choice possible concerning memberships with professional organizations. We promote equal access for educators to hear from all professional education organizations. Educators have a right to compare their options to ensure they are receiving the best service possible. POE believes that educators should be free from all forms of compulsory membership.

Educators deserve to be among the highest paid professionals.
Professional Oklahoma Educators believes that the dedication, professionalism, and continued education of professional educators should be rewarded with higher pay. The work and effectiveness of educators is fundamental to the success of our communities and our economy. Educators have the important role of not only improving the intellect of each student, but also of influencing each young person’s character.

Educators’ views should be well represented at the state and national level.
POE members are provided with an opportunity to share their opinions on important education issues through the annual member survey. The results of this survey are compiled to form the POE Legislative Platform, which is promoted at both the state, and national levels. POE will NOT endorse or financially support any candidate for local, state or federal office, but will instead encourage personal and responsible participation in the political process. 

Educators, administrators, and school board members can work together for progress in our schools.
The Collaborative Communication Model was co-developed by POE as a replacement for antiquated, ineffective, and often secretive union bargaining methods. This communication system allows for open meetings and cooperative communication between a council of educators, administrators, and school board members. The system eliminates the “us vs. them” mentality that stalls progress in the out-dated bargaining system. Professional Oklahoma Educators’ Collaborative Communication Model brings meetings out into the light, allowing all educators to assure they are being well represented!

Education is a community effort!
Professional educators are a necessity in community building. The work they do for our children is important for a successful future. POE encourages business leaders to join together to support outstanding educators and to work with us to meet the professional needs of our members. Our many supporters contribute to education through the Professional Oklahoma Educators Foundation, which provides scholarships, professional development, and student activities to enhance education and increase the effectiveness of Oklahoma educators. 

“POE shares the same values that I do.”

Esther Bell, North Rock Creek Public School

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