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The Excitement of A New School Year

POE President’s Corner with Tim Whaley

The 2021-22 academic school year has finally arrived and I know that I am not alone in my excitement!!  We have all been busy preparing our rooms, logging countless hours of professional development, trying to remember our passwords, building engaging lesson plan activities and reuniting with old colleagues while meeting new ones! Of course the biggest excitement of a new school year is meeting our students and building positive relationships with them. It is ‘old hat’ with a ‘new ribbon’ every year, quite the fashion statement.  Our end goal however is two-fold: (1) Student Success (2) Self-Care. These two goals are inextricably woven together. My experience has taught me that my greatest resource for meeting my professional goals is the knowledge and experience of my fellow Oklahoma educators.

As we settle back into our classrooms, POE presents the “Back to Basics” professional learning series with Mrs. Elaine Hutchison, Oklahoma’s 2013 Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Hutchison is entering her 29th year as an educator and is currently with Fairview Public Schools. She provides valuable topics ranging from the 3Rs of Teacher Self-Care and Preparing the Learning Environment to the Teacher Trifecta for Student Success and 3 Simple Steps for Teaching Classroom Procedures. In case you missed this valuable video series, you can check out “Back to Basics” online.  I strongly encourage you to watch these informative videos!

So as we pack our toolboxes and get ready to go to work in the classroom; know that Professional Oklahoma Educators is by our side as our Professional Partner! The Membership Board, Ginger and her incredible staff stay on top of the professional issues outside the classroom, so we can focus on our professional goals inside the classroom! Fellow educators, report for duty. And never forget that the greatest influence on a student’s success is their relationship with their teacher and their teacher’s belief in their ability to succeed. Best of luck and have a great year!

Yours in Service,

Tim Whaley – POE President

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