1. In my class we have “Life Lessons with Mrs. Stewart.” These are example situations that, in 28 years of teaching, I have seen many students struggle with, or just handle in a less than acceptable manner. I let them know that we are going to discuss them BEFORE we struggle with them, so that it is productive discussion, not Mrs. Stewart being grouchy and correcting them. We talk each morning about everything from crowded hallways to deciding who goes first in a game or activity. We even discuss situations that might occur with their parents or siblings! In the end, we always come to the consensus that we don’t change these things because I don’t like who they are. We realize that making others happy means we are surrounded by happy people. What a great way to live your best life!!

  2. Mrs. Stewart! This is wonderful and I am so happy you shared the way you are teaching your students life long social and emotional lessons! Would you mind sharing HOW you implement these? For example morning meeting or once a week? Do you have these in a list somewhere? I am so grateful that we have educators like yourself with our students in Oklahoma. Thank you very much for ALL YOU DO and “answering the call” to teach!

    1. We use the “Life Lessons with Mrs. Stewart” each morning during morning meeting. I have Google Slides that each have one lesson, a related quote from a person they should be or become familiar with, and a picture of that person. We discuss the quote, which they write in a journal IN CURSIVE (always good practice), then we discuss the life lesson and they write in their journal about that. They write thoughts and feelings about it, an example of when they have been in that situation, and/or how this lesson could improve the world around them.

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