Are Your Reopening Plans Changing?

Professional Oklahoma Educators Survey Members on Reopening Plans

As Oklahoma schools prepare for the back-to-school season, several school districts have revised their reopening plans. With these ever-changing times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Professional Oklahoma Educators surveyed its membership to gauge how they feel about going back to the classroom and their district’s reopening plans.

With 547 respondents answering the survey, more than 50 percent (51.25%) strongly agree or agree with their district’s current reopening plan. Nearly 50 percent (49.54%) said their district’s reopening plans follow the recommendations of the State Board of Education and its COVID-19 Alert System for Schools.

Nearly 74 percent said their school district currently plans to begin school full time and in-person on or within a week of the original start date.

Thirty-five percent indicated they have delayed the start date by more than a week and/or implemented virtual learning for all students for at least the first week of school. More than 35 percent (35.94%) said their school district currently has a hybrid reopening plan in which students attend in-person classes part time and virtual classes part time.

When asked if they feel prepared to deliver online instruction—whether their school begins utilizing remote instruction or if the school and/or district has to shut down due to the COVID-19 virus during the 2020-2021 school year—51 percent said yes. Ensuring home internet access for students and developing professional learning to deliver engaging online instruction were the top two needs for online instruction.

The survey also asked educators to gauge where they are now with the changes on going back to school:

  • 56.33% – I’m ready, I want to return in person
  • 25.49% – I want to start virtually for awhile then return to the classroom at a later date
  • 12.30% – I would rather teach virtually or implement distance learning
  • 5.88% – I don’t want to return to the classroom

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